"To see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes."

Inspired by John 13:1-17, FCA Georgia Lacrosse looks for ways to give back to the community through a variety of volunteer events and drives. By serving the community, we hope to develop players, coaches and families who seek to humbly love others in the same manner as Christ. Each team will have the opportunity to serve either collectively or in their area in a unique way in a Day of Service and other events.

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Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.

At each FCA Georgia Lacrosse tournament, the parents and families will receive a Word of the Day from an FCA Georgia Lacrosse leader. This Word of the Day gives all those supporting our teams a component of ministry. Each day of the tournament the Word of the Day will be distributed which includes a theme word, verse(s) associated with the word, a message, and a challenge. We aim to challenge perspective of the spectator in a new way each day.

We believe that it is not just the coaches and athletes who have an opportunity to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Our hope is that through the Word of the Day our FCA Georgia Lacrosse family can be unified in one word, one message, and one task for that day as we represent more than just ourselves in the tournament. 

Current college lacrosse players serve as our Huddle Leaders for our events and teams. They are on the front lines of our ministry leading players in lacrosse development, discipleship, and friendships.

Huddle Leaders will participate in every part of our ministry; Skills & Drills, Team Training, Teams, Huddles, at their availability. During their time with the players, a Huddle Leader's main responsibility will be leading the team huddles, connecting with the players and individually coaching them in matters both on and off the field. These college athletes will serve as as a role models and ambassadors for the FCA Georgia Lacrosse players with the intention to use the time serving as an opportunity to impact their life for the better!

It is our role as FCA Georgia Lacrosse to engage, empower and equip each Huddle Leader before during and after they engage with our athletes. Through Huddle Leader training, working along side, and joining them on their campuses for discipleship we aim to continue to strengthen those who have such a great impact our ministry.

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